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November 11 2017

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Liam on BBC1′s The One Show 29/6

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I’d leave the memory of you at the station, if it didn’t already know the way home.
— Iain Thomas, The B-Train
(via minuty)



I will never forget the time I asked a little girl how old she was and she said “6 but I’ve been alive like 30 years”

bitch me too the fuck

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November snowfall

Northern Vermont - 11/10/08

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Losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss. I wish you the wisdom and courage to walk away, with love for yourself, knowing your worth.
— N.  (via odaro)
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David Harbour  “auditions” for Eleven.

November 10 2017

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Anyone: u ok
Me; yeah just thinking about how I’ll never be this young again and about how most of my youth has been lost to depression loneliness and self doubt lol


you know what? the years really do start coming and they really don’t stop coming


I love it when I wake up and stretch and something cracks. Makes me feel like a glo-stick

It’s my birthday 😅☺️

Tomorrow’s my birthday ☺️🖤

November 08 2017


sleeping is nice until u wake up and realize ur still sad lol


good day to die

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2010 was a simpler time 

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